Our Story


Lion Strom is a family business that manufactures mattresses and storage beds.  The company is based in Thessaloniki and its roots go back to 1950.

In 1966, the founder of Lionstrom, Dimosthenis Nestoridis, opened a traditional mattress workshop in the center of Thessaloniki, at 17 Arrianou Street, where all the mattresses were produced from the very beginning until the end, only handmade. 

Dimosthenis was a very hard working young man with big dreams about his job, which he had been taught by his father Konstantinos.   Very soon he expanded his business apart from retail to wholesale.  Gradually almost everyone in the area preferred his mattresses to other companies, due to the fact that they had a long life durability, were more comfortable, were guaranteed and contained excellent interior quality, in other words he had the best mattresses that were available on the market. 

Business was developing so well that the need to build a factory occurred.  So in 1985 Dimosthenis Nestoridis built a factory in the area of Sindos and gradually began to supply it with modern machinery and equipment.

In 1987 he became partners with his son, Konstantinos, who was the one that gave another perspective to the business.   His son Konstantinos, apart from producing mattresses he began to design and make handmade storage beds with great success.

In 2004 Thanasis Tsivilikas was hired in the business to become the sales manager for the company; he also gave a new dynamic to the business sales.

In 2007, Dimosthenis Nestoridis retired.   Dimostheni’s son Konstantinos, who up to now had gained a huge amount of experience in mattress and bed manufacture and of course in the field of know-how, has taken over the managing of the factory.  The managing of the store in 17 Arrianou Street, one of the most historical mattress stores in Thessaloniki, passes on to Dimostheni’s daughter, Efthimia. 

Kostas Nestoridis’ long experience combined with the modern machinery and equipment resulted in the excellent manufacture of a wide range of mattresses and beds which are always distinguished by the excellent materials used, the taste and the durability they have.  Our company can cover your every need concerning orthopedic problems – cervical syndromes, back and spine problems, post-surgery recovery, movement disabilities etc.  Lionstrom has the ability to deal with each and every customer’s needs, desires and demands, something that has always been our basic priority.

Our business has never stopped keeping the principles and values alive, in which the business relied on from it’s very beginning.

Our future goals are to begin exporting to European countries and then expand all over the world, where these kind of mattresses are very popular and hard to find because they are still handmade. 

Please take the liberty of visiting our website.  Do not hesitate to visit us at our factory, at one of our showrooms in Kalamaria or the center of Thessaloniki or even in one of our cooperating partner stores where you can see and also try our mattresses, beds and the rest of our sleeping products.